Data recovery involves broken or damaged hardware or software. When the external hard disk, memory card or USB pen drive become unreadable, data recovery is necessary .When a digital device needs data recovery, it tend to have an electronic damage, physical damage or the two. The hardware repair is the main part of the data recovery process. This can involve repair of the electronic device or replacing stack of the whole read write packs in the sealed portion of the disk drive. When the hard ware is intact, or partition tends to be damaged. There are several tools for data recovery that can attempt the repair of the partition while the other tools look into the damaged file structure.

Cyber Security

The computer forensics is where the experts deals with forensic investigation that is digital, E- disclosure and analysis of data to detect the computer crimes on intellectual theft, employment and disputes where digital disclosure is important. Experts in computer forensics acquire the electronic evidence, preserve it and analyze to expert testimony that can influence the outcome of the legal proceedings. They then report the frauds of the criminal proceedings to the civil claims on the computer misuse and law. The computer forensic procedures meet all the legal requirements of the chief police officer association principle. These lenders the data to be safe.

E-disclosure involves large quantities of data from the hard ware and software intact. A search is conducted through the large volumes of backed up e-mails and documents. The e-mails and documents are stored in the electronic format along the metadata under the CPR part 31.The challenging thing with the E-disclosure is de-duping. This is a situation where the computer produces identical duplicates of the e-mails and documents. The e-disclosure tools are designed to winnow down data which is unmanageable.

The computer forensics industry has grown in complexities of the electronic evidence. The experts’ technical competence is combined with a solid knowledge of the legal processes and investigative methodologies. The team of the experts has been instrumental for high profile claims where security and confidentiality is imperative in the entire process. The expertize of the computer forensic experts lies in the ability of recovering data from a whole range of data storage devices.

E-disclosure services help the organization to reduce the costs and risks that are involved in responding to the e-disclosure requests. The key to an effective disclosure is the proper planning and knowledge on how to hold relevant ESI effectively.